Chef Rida Pakistani Recipes


The most delicious Pakistani recipes from chef Rida Aftab



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Rida Aftab, renowned Pakistani chef, has her own app for Android, called Chef Rida Pakistani Recipes. This app helps you learn how to cook some of the best Pakistani dishes, without having any specific knowledge of this country's cuisine.

This app includes tons of recipes ready to help you impress your dinner guests. You can browse them according to your own tastes and what you feel like making. There are recipes for soups, salads, chicken, vegetables, lamb, rice, desserts, and even snacks. After trying out a recipe, you can rate it and add your comments so the rest of the users can know more about it, and maybe even improve with your tips.

Each recipe has a list of ingredients, a picture, and step-by-step instructions. You can see how long to cook each ingredient for, and the best way to mix them. Surprise your friends or family with delicious recipes from the famous Pakistani chef, Rida Aftab.
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